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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

110 Borges [warholized] 

August 24 2009 is the 110 anniversary of Borges birth day.

Warhol should have made some art with him. Had he known him, he probably would. So here I go myself.

Borges said: "I don't see a Literature without short stories or without poetry, while the four / five- hundred-pages novels might very well disappear."

The novel is not dead today, but I think he had a point in foreseeing that the future would hold for the shortness in communications. I don't know, tho, if he could imagine the reasons why (acceleration of change, technology, Internet, mobile communications, etc).

He was a visionary, previewing the times of MicroBlogging, SMS and Twitter.

He was a genius. Happy birthday, Borges.

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