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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WOW - Vint Cerf in Buenos Aires (Internet's Dad & Google's Chief Internet Evangelist) 

WOW - Vint Cerf in Buenos Aires (Internet's Dad & Google's Chief Internet Evangelist)

Another WOW for the arrival of Google to Argentina:: They gave a free conference and brought Vinton Cerf, (Vint) no less!!!

He is currently the Vice President ("& Chief Internet Evangelist") of Google. Beyond that already terrific fact, there´s some more crucial data about who Vint Cerf is: He, among other accomplishments, is the co-author of the protocol TCP/IP thanks to which computers speak between themselves on a net. Simply put, he is one of the Fathers (in capital letters) of the Internet. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinton_Cerf

As honored and thrilled I could be to have him in my country and being able to attend the conference at UBA (University of Buenos Aires) where I study, I was happily surprised for the talk itself he gave. 2 hours complete, laughing every 3 miutes about something he said or a story he had to tell. =) What a great speaker and such a warm person. I fainted when I could make him a question (On the Semantic Web and what were his thoughts about developing it before scientists woud get to understand better how the brain works in order to develop a respectable Artificial intelligence... He seemed very interested in it, yay!)

I recorded all and uploaded it finally to Google Video!!


I felt the same as with Eric Schimdt... total awe to share the room with him. Thanks Google. *grin*

And talking brains, internet and connections... here two links to articles I came across with unexpectedly and worth their length:

10 Unsolved brain mysteries
Spirituality vs Intelligence?

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