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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23 05 07 = 28 !! 

Today 23rd of May at 3.30 pm I became 28. Happy birthday to me! :-P

I wanted to share with you this special date, as you all have so much to do with the happiness I feel today. As we oft say, this internet thing which so many people deem cold and "virtual", yet has become for many of us a genuine bridge, a way to contact and interact with special souls who otherwise we would have never been able to meet because of the physical distance.

I thank you for your friendship and support and love and company to all and each of you my friends, whether "online" or "offline" it´s the same to me... you are as close and as true. Thank you for making my life worthwhile.

Specially, this birthday I feel like thanking someone in particular because his recent presence here was the best gift I received, heaven sent. He, who has seen the sky through this same balcony I took this pic from, and who we laughed the nights and days away with, blissfully, while he stayed in town. Massimo: thank you for sharing a bite of your bright light with me! I do miss you! Bless you, shining star.

Love and cheers for you all! Thanks for the greetings so far received today! And have a happy 23rd! :D

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