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Friday, April 13, 2007

Eric Schmidt! WOW! Welcome Google to Argentina 

As I mentioned it before: www.flickr.com/photos/gi/247189295/ ...Google is in Argentina!!!! Welcome!!!!

I was invited to the rather exclusive openning ceremony at Opera bay tonight. It was all nice, all ok... all normal, say. Until the CEO for Latin America, Gonzalo, said he was inviting ERIC SCHMIDT to the stage to say some words.

Then I faint.

WOW! I mean W O W !!! Eric Schmidt in person meters from me, I was like dreaming!!! I just thought of taking pics and making a short video, right after he had said that they chose Buenos Aires as the place to set the regional HQs for the universities, the high academic level of our country, and they amount of talents found here, not comparable to any other place in the region.

Video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbI6YBo8-DA

I am still impressed... this made the night, the week, the month! I went asked Gonzalo when I could if there was a chance to see Eric there, say hi, take a pic, something! (He didn´t show up after the little speech) but of course he said it was not possible, he had a very tight schedule. I would have loved to tell him how much do I admire him and that there is this magnific thing that he is the first person I have shared a room with, who has actually met people I so much admire and hold dear in my heart. I think I didn´t see "just" Eric, I saw an energy bridge.

Thank you. I just hope that at least 10% of the people in there have felt the same connection and have regarded the importance of being in front of such person talking, as much as I did.

Welcome Google to Latin America. Welcome to Argentina.

Que bueno!
A mi me hubiera gustado mucho poder estar ahí...
Eric Schmidt! Que genio!
Me gustaría poder darle la mano ;-)


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