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Thursday, February 16, 2006

2006 Singularity challenge - Attention! 

ATTENTION - we need your help, please!

The Singularity Institute is a non-profit organization that´s currently raising up funds for their future development. You can donate any time (details on how to donate), but actually until February 19 you can contribute and your donation will worth a lot more since it will be framed in the "2006 Singularity Challenge" -you can read more in the photo or directly in their website.

I am envolved with this organization not just for being in accordance with their goals and ethics, but also as I know the people who make it possible and they are remarkably outstanding human beings (i.e. Tyler Emerson, the Institute´s Executive Director). It is my wish to become part of this movement of people who are changing the world with ideas and deeds that resonate in me. Hopefully I will. It is already my honor to know them and to have been welcome among their lines of followers and missionaries.

Here´s a description about What the Singularity is (highly recommendable!), the term "singularity" and here one on What does the Institue pursue, Why working towards the singularity?.

As well I invite you to see this photo, from Steve´s album on Ray Kurzweil last book, "The Singularity is Near".

If you can give *us* a hand it will be immensely appreciated. As well, if you want to offer yourself to volunteer you will be welcome.

You have never seen me before promoting something like this in this fashion. And you possibliy won´t ever see me again doing it. It really worths it. That´s the only reason why.

Last, there is a wonderful summit in preparation for May 13, 2006 at Stanford... "Stanford Singularity Summit"... where AMAZING people I love, talking about AMAZING things I love will be there. I wish I could make it there, but most chances are that I won´t be able to. If you are near and interested, here some more information.

Thank you for your time reading. Already helps a lot... spread the word if you can!!! =D

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