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Monday, January 30, 2006

Recognize an alien in 10 easy steps 

Recognize an Alien in 10 easy steps

Mankind has always tried to find an effective way to discover the alien nature concealed in apparently terrestrial beings. I bet my spaceship that all of you sooner or later in your lives (this includes this very moment so I win my bet anyway 0-P ) have asked yourselves if YOU were ETs or there was some kind of extraterrestrial thing about yourselves.

As the merciful alieness I am upon the human nature and since I am helplessly in love with a wonderful and very handsome human male (at least he seems so, I have my doubts, tho) I will share with you this 10 easy ways to find out if you or someone you know is actually an alien.

Rule #1: Aliens have their thumbs curled as in my photograph above. Humans cannot curl their thumbs that way.

Rule #2: Aliens use no necklaces, body piercings, neither earings, nor toerings. And no make up. However, you will see that there is ONE very special thing they always wear. (this is a wi-fi device to stay connected) Note that some aliens use a misleading ring pretending they are married people. I use this

Rule 1 and 2 are SINE QUA NON to be an alien. The following are to match in a 70% to have strong chances of being in front of an ET creature:

Rule #3: aliens are difficult to be photographed

Rule #4: Aliens call themselves as such.

Rule #5: Aliens feel represented with this smiley

Rule #6: Aliens are always near meteor craters or other evidences of ET activity.

Rule #7: Aliens see aliens... everywhere and "don´t panic"

Rule #8: Aliens have other aliens as friends.

Rule #9: Aliens disguise as "aliens" at halloween parties.

Rule #10: Finally, aliens are commonly surronded and followed by weird and wild creatures

Note: Thanks to ivo and jur whose shots have helped me this guide. It doesn´t mean that they are aliens themselves since we don´t know yet if they meet rules 1 and 2.

Addendum to Rule #1

Some aliens undergone plastic surgery so they are undetectable by such an obvious trait. Those crypto-aliens are really the worst.

Do panic please
Excellent addition to Rule 1.

Very True.

(Regarding the Picture... it´s difficult to panic in front of such cute guy!!!) :D
"Aliens infected us, about time we infect them."

- Infected Mushroom - Bust a Move
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