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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A man named 'Smalley' is meant to be a king of the Small world. He was. 

"Oct. 28, 2005 - Richard Smalley, the Nobel Prize-winning nanotechnology researcher who was also an ardent supporter of commercial nanotechnology development, died today of cancer. He was 62.

Smalley shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996 with Robert Curl and Sir Harry Kroto for discovering the C60 molecule, a soccer ball-shaped form of carbon called buckminsterfullerene, or buckyballs. " [more from Small Times]

A humble tribute to a great man and his contribution to the world. A real pitty he passed away. He was so young. =(
Rest in peace. You will be missed.

More on Buckyballs.
Photo source: 3d Image (requires blue/red lens glasses 8-] )
Nanotech -just around the flickr corner-: Steve Jurvetson´s 'Nano & Na not' and his Blog ...our Personal Jesus in these topics par excellence.

The talking of the small, is no small talking. (I am very smart at wordplay sometimes ;-P ). Neither the science, nor the business. If you want to know where the world is heading to, I recommend you reading some of the links I pointed at above. I remember I was in 3rd year (1994) reading an article from a business mag, from Peter Drucker in which he was saying something like: "Today everybody thinks that Fuji Film is the biggest competitor to the Eastman-Kodak empire. But Kodak is worried about another company: SONY. They fear digital."

And here we are.

I will never forget that example. IMO, Nanotech is today what Digital was 25 years ago. But of wider and larger scope of impact and relevance, as it is 'Digital-inside'. As I said once ;-) : Nanotech is the ultimate Eclecticism. |-)

Watcha think, Earthens??? 0-)

I love the 3D buckyball, once I get home I'll see how it looks through my 3D glasses. I remember some documentary about Buckminster Fuller that mentioned the buckyball, I'll see if I can find it in eMule.

Me alegra haber encontrado tu blog and your photo album at flckr! Quedaron en mis bookmarks.
I'm sad everytime a person passes away, when that person set something along our lifeline path, this grievance is even harder.

I remember this


that's round too, and has been discovered more than a Century ago.

Especially Kekulè von Stradonitz, the unveiling man.

What we may do, living here, now?

Your picture with finger on your lips is hot.

Your intelligence is, I suppose, following that line, is it?

Too many miles between us, pity; maybe in my next life...because a kiss, just one, but warm and deep, I would send to you.

Wishes wishes, for the next holidays, and also ahead, Gisela.

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