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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Read my lips 

Dude, it´s me there! =)

About two months ago, Natasha, a designer from Australia emailed me asking me for permission to use this picture of myself for a non-profit work her company, www.redcreative.com was about to make. She didn´t mention the details about the project but she told me that the image was exactly what they needed and they were to use it in graphic art (poster) and probably in the project website. She said that her company uses to make some spare time to dedicate it to non-profit projects in their community.

I accepted gladly, because from every point of view it looked great. Not just flattering because they were asking for my photo, but for the fact of being of help in a non-profit work. I was giving a hand, I thought. Cool. =)

Yesterday, Natasha finally sent me a pdf file with the poster they made. And this is a jpg image of it. I loved it as an artwork, but what was really shocking was to get to know the subject of the project. You can read it in the poster (large size), and you can also visit the play´s website www.readmylips.com.au (I am there, too =). Having myself faced in my childhood and early teenage years the problems of the play talks about -and still fight, since it is conduct pattern you are always in danger to go back to-, I find it incredible that I was being the front cover of a project which main goal is to spread the word about this kind of problems to help people suffering from them, and their friends and families.

Life is bewildering at times. Today I find myself, without having searched for it, helping a cause that is helping me as well to vindicate and heal my own pain and wounds of the past.

I am forever thankful to Natasha, whom I told about this and yet can´t believe about this invisible connection between me and the play, and Georgia, the author of the play (which is autobiographical) for leading this project, which I hope can help so many people suffering. So many more than the many you can image. Unfortunately. =(

Cool picture. And great for you to be a part of such a good project.

Hey, now that you have become so famous, maybe I should ask for your autograph!
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