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Monday, December 13, 2004

Please help Pale Male and Lola rebuild their nest, thank you! 

Please help Pale Male and Lola rebuild thier nest, thank you!
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Blogged from Zenera´s Photopage at flickR. Please read the information she gives here on the subject: http://molene.blogspot.com/2004/12/pale-male-and-lola.html

We all can help, passing it on those far away and actively those at NY.

From Zenera´s blog reduced transcription of an article from http://www.macon.com/mld/macon/news/opinion/10388685.htm :

"A bunch of insensitive louts

Since 1993, an unlikely resident named Pale Male and his female companions have lived 12 stories up on a cornice of a ritzy New York apartment building. He has sired, depending upon who's telling the story, up to 23 offspring in his formerly breezy home, which had a neat view of the city's skyline and nearby Central Park.

Pale Male, a red-tailed hawk and a member of an endangered species, is inarguably the world's best-known bird. His fans have crossed oceans to watch the hawk, who for years has dutifully helped raise his families in the heart of a city rather than in the wild, as most hawks prefer.

So named because his colors are not as vibrant as most male red-tailed hawks, Pale Male was the star in a book by author Marie Winn and the subject of a PBS documentary film as well. Newspapers and television stories annually feature the hawk's adventures, and birdwatchers have been known to camp out on the street, waiting to see the hawk's offspring take flight from their 12th-floor nest.

But no more. The rich and powerful people who own the building at 927 Fifth Avenue and 74th Street apparently decided that having the hawk nest on their building was too much of an inconvenience. Bird droppings and such affronted their sense of decorum, so they had the nest destroyed and removed vital rods the hawk had used to anchor the nest to withstand strong winds." [continues]

have you signed the petition at www.nycaudubon.org
I've been attending the rallies and blogging about this, also have some pix on my flickr:
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