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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

inner peace 

once upon a time...

There was an old man who lived lonely in a humble house of stone lost in the country. One night someone broke violently into his home. It was a foolly young boy, who had a knife and looked very scared. He said to the old man: -Give me everything you have or I kill you, old bastard!

The elder, said to the boy: -There is not much here, take everything you see, it´s yours.

The youngster, even more scared with the calm reaction of the owner began violently to get everything he had in sight: some ornaments, a piece of cloth, a candle holder, and some other worthless crafts... when he finished his search, with his hands full, he warned the man who remained looking at him quietly:

"Now I´ll go, don´t follow me or you are death"

And so he left the small house. After some minutes of fast walk, the boy realized that someone was behind him and as he turned back, the elder said to him:

-Don´t be afraid it´s me.
-I told you not to follow me silly oldman!
-It is that when you left I remembered I had this golden ring in a box, here it is, take it". And he turned back to return to his house.

The boy was so shocked with what was happenning that he took the ring and started running fast while he shouted "Mad man, madman!". It had started to rain.

A couple of hours later, the elder felt a knock on his door. When he openned he saw the young thief, wet with rain and tears. And this dialogue followed:

-What do you want now? I gave you everything I had!
-No, you didn´t give me everything- said the boy desperately
-Yes, i swear to you i did
-No, you gave me everything you had in your house, but you didn´t gave me what I really need.
-I have nothing else to give...

-Your inner peace, wise man... Give me peace.

Teach me. Please.

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