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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

bondless love 

With all my heart I truly thank you for your words in the Peace photo, and in all the other photos as well. All my gratitude to you.

This xmas for me are a bit odd. I have not expected some things to turn out the way they did, so I am still a bit shocked.

However, as the tale teach us, beyond what happens to you, you have to keep your inner peace, you have to save some shelter inside where to come back when the outside turns gray and windy.

And that "place" of peace you build it in love and hope. Holding on to those beautiful human beings that have shown you the wonders of the world, who have shared with you their love and their tenderness, who have welcome your words and deeds and have let you love them as well.

These are times of thieves breaking into our houses. These are times of uncertainties, of mistrust, of hatter and violence. Times of confusion and actions out from the mainstream of compasion and mercy.

These are times, therefore, to hold on together, to express our feelings, to open our hearts and arms and to give what we´ve got to others.

The beatles said "But in the end the love you get is equal to the love you made." I´ve chossen to make of it the leit motif of my life.

I am not religious at all, but as there are things to learn everywhere, I keep what left me a message. There is the parable in the bible about the miracle of the multiplication of the breads and the fishes. Someone, a special one, have shown me how was I to read the metaphor.

We are not meant to believe that there was a true multiplication of the matterial things mentioned, so everyone that was there with Jesus could have a piece to eat. What this story tell us is that no matter what you have, neither how much you have, when you give it all, truly and entirely, it is always enough. You can feed a multitude, you make the miracle.

The miracle of love.

Merry xmas to you all and your families. Peace.


On any other day I would agree fully. I have come to understand that this food that was distributed was one of infinite quality. By this I mean once it is given, there is no less to give than before.

I write this because this is the type of gift that I got for christmas this year... maybe I can give it to you some day :)
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